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Security & Protection International (SPI) was founded in 2010. Our organization conceives, develops and markets innovative solutions that secure people, places and assets for an international market. Its R&D division is divided into two areas of interest: Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) and the Scientific Research & Development Division with a focus on new technologies capable of detecting hazardous and harmful substances.

The RFID Division specializes in the conception and creation of critical material detection and management technology through radio frequency. It has developed a solution that allows keeping track of the critical equipment in emergency vehicles. This product is presently being marketed in Canada and in the USA.

Our Scientific Research & Development Division’s specific purpose is to develop new technologies capable of detecting harmful substances, bacteria and compounds that could be hazardous to the population (as well as having significant effect on the economy). Our R&D team works to create detection devices and systems that are innovative, highly sensitive, portable and user-friendly. As a result, SPI established an extended network of research and development collaborators with Canadian universities and industries.

For the past four years, the Scientific Research & Development Division of SPI, has been researching the possibility of detecting drug substance in an open environment. We are presently at the stage where we have developed a prototype of a device that is capable of such detection using mass spectrometer technology.

To respond to the need for better solutions, SPI Scientific R&D Division has allied with the Université de Québec en Outaouais (UQO). The UQO team is presently working on a project to develop a portable device, which will detect bacteria in both food and water in real-time. At UQO, our project is led by Dr. Wojtek Bock, a world-recognized researcher in the field of fiber optic sensors and sensor systems.

As part of our research agenda, we also collaborate with industry and with government. SPI is part of a consortium made up of “Ottawa Security Systems and Communication Ltd.” and, “Site Secure Software”, two registered Canadian companies based in Ottawa, Ontario. This relationship allows SPI to increase its commercialization capacity.

All of these sectors help us understand the market need as well as provide us with essential information throughout the development process to ensure that we are creating the best response to address this need.


product1Mass Spectrometry

Over the past century improvements to the transportation industry has facilitated mass movement of people and product, including illicit drugs. Police and other enforcement agencies have been challenged in interrupting the flow as very few technical options are available to facilitate drug detection.

SPI is presently working on a prototype capable of detecting drug substances in open-air environments using mass spectrometry technology.


Present day methods of detecting substances, bacteria or compounds in our environments or in our water/food supply involve medical laboratory testing that are time consuming and costly to both business and ultimately to human health. To develop portable devices, which will detect potential hazards in real-time, would be of great benefit to many public and private industries.

SPI recognizes the value of photonic sensing technologies in achieving its vision and recognizes the important advances already achieved by Dr. Bock and his team. To ensure success in the development of such new products, SPI has developed an alliance with the Photonics Research Center at the Université de Quebec en Outaouais headed by Dr. Bock – a world-renown expert in the field.

Our aim is to complete, with Dr. Bock’s team, the fundamental development of photonic sensors to clearly demonstrate their effectiveness in the context of applications harmful contaminants and microorganisms.

We believe that a SPI and UQO collaboration to develop low-cost, high-performance optical sensor systems is of utmost importance to future security and health related industries.

Nouvelle chaire de recherche a l’UQO


24-7 Active RF

SPI 24-7 Asset Management System is deeply integrated with Radio frequency identification(RFID) technology thereby allowing customers to keep a track of their critical resources in real time. The standalone system’s heads up display fits any specialized vehicle and will monitor equipment using color coded visual alerts. This technology has tremendous potential because it can be implemented in managing the critical equipment of emergency vehicles as well as in managing preventative maintenance schedules for equipment or vehicles.
Download Brochure: 24-7 Active RFID Asset Management System

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For standalone or integrated device SPI 24-7 is the solution:

– Advises you that you have all your equipment on board all the time.

– Warns you when you leave something behind.

– Reduces downtime related to equipment inventory.

Integrate our RFID technology to any products of value you want to track independent of any vehicle type or electronic management system you have:

– Our multicoloured panel will let you know quickly if anything is missing.

– Our RFID tags are active and last from 5 to 10 years.

– Our RFID detector will inform you within a few seconds if any tagged equipment is on board or missing.

– GPS coordinates will be sent to management if any material is left behind for fast pick-up.

Easily Integrate RFID to Multiplexing Systems with our SDK:

– Now you have a full integration with the SPI 24-7, a 5.5 inch touch screen color monitor.

– Monitor your assets status from the front and the back of the vehicle simultaneously.

– Our system will immediately advise the paramedics or management by SMS or email if you left any equipment behind.

SPI-24-7Active RFID Narcotics Monitoring System

The Site-Secure Wireless Identification Asset Management System is one of the most comprehensive RFID solution on the market. To meet Health organisations and Police requirements on handling of Narcotics by Paramedics, Site-Secure introduces the Narcotics Monitoring Module. Active RFID tags are attached to Paramedics narcotics pouches to monitor and keep track in real time issuance and returns

The Site-Secure Narcotics Monitoring Module will assist in reducing asset losses and meet the compliance standards. The system will visually alert the user by displaying the status of each piece of equipment in distinct color thereby providing a quick identification of the equipment.
Download Brochure: Narcotics Monitoring System


ParamedicsOfCanada20160506VenueParamedic Chiefs of Canada Annual Conference

Date: 31st  May – 02nd June, 2016

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Objective: The SPI wireless identification asset management system (24-7) is one of the most comprehensive RFID solution on the market to track critical assets using RFID.  The standalone system’s heads up display fits any specialized vehicle and will monitor equipment using color coded visual alerts. The 24-7 will assist in reducing asset losses and meet compliance standards. We will be presenting our 24-7 Active RFID Asset Management System and our fully integrated Vehicle Fleet Services software at the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada conference.

Please visit us on Booth #042.


VenueParamedic Chiefs of Canada Annual Conference

Date: 31st  May – 02nd June, 2016

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan



VenueASIS Intermational 62nd Annual Security Exhibit and Seminar

Date: 12th  – 15th September, 2016

Location: Orlando, Florida


EMS expo

VenueEMS World Expo

Date: 3rd   – 07th October, 2016

Location: New Orleans , Louisiana


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